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This is my personal website - You can find more about me all over the WWW!


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Mother’s Day

Posted on May 7 by

This was my first Mother’s Day in more than three decades with just one woman to celebrate. My mother is 81 and we’re blessed to have her with us-still feisty and still quick...


Women in Black & White

Posted on Nov 1 by

Women in Black and White By Leslie Morgan Steiner | November 1, 2006; 7:24 AM ET Leading a Mommy Wars discussion in Columbus, Ohio, I met a woman named Paula Penn-Nabrit, with...


CMadison’s Journey

Posted on May 13 by

Hi Everyone! A thousand apologies for my long silence, but I really do have a good excuse. Last November we were in New York as part of the East Coast leg of our “Self-Directed,...